Chakra is derived from Sanskrit that literally means wheel. These wheels or Chakras are actually energy entry points located in different part of the human body. Chakras absorbs fresh and clean prana or chi or life force to feed the organs in our body. This is how the body keep itself alive.

In PRANIC HEALING, we worked on 11 MAJOR CHAKRAS to cover all the organs in the human body. 

1. CROWN CHAKRA - Located at the crown of the head, the crown chakra or Sahasrara Chakra is one of the major entry       points of Prana. The sahasrara chakra controls and energizes the brain, the pineal gland and the entire body. A   malfunctioning Sahasrara Chakra will be manifested as disorders of the pineal gland and brain

2. FOREHEAD CHAKRA - Located in the center of the forehead and controls and energizes the pineal gland and the nervous system. A malfunctioning Forehead Chakra could manifest as epilepsy, paralysis and a loss of memory. Energizing this chakra can result in the whole body being flooded with Prana.

3. AJNA CHAKRA - Located in the area between the eyebrows, the Ajna Chakra controls and energizes the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands and also the brain to a certain extent. The eyes and nose are also affected by the Ajna Chakra. A malfunctioning Ajna Chakra is the cause for diabetes. Energizing the Ajna Chakra causes the other chakras to light up rapidly. The Ajna Chakra is also partially responsible for the working of the respiratory system.

4. THROAT CHAKRA - The Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi Chakra controls and energizes the throat, the thyroid glands, the parathyroid glands and the lymphatic system. The chakra is situated in the center of the throat. A malfunctioning Vishuddhi Chakra can result in goiter, sore throat, loss of voice and asthma. The Vishuddhi Chakra also influences the Swadhishtana Chakra or Sex Chakra and therefore a malfunctioning Vishuddhi Chakra can also lead to sterility.

5. HEART CHAKRAS - The front Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra is located at the centre of the chest and controls the thymus gland and the circulatory system. The Manipura Chakra has a strong influence on the front Heart Chakra. The back Heart Chakra is located at the back of the heart and energizes the lungs and to a certain extent, the heart and the thymus gland. A malfunctioning back Heart Chakra will cause asthma, tuberculosis and other ailments. The physical heart is energized through the back Heart Chakra.

6. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Among the 2 parts of the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra, the front Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the hollow area between the ribs and the back Manipura Chakra is located in the back. The Manipura Chakra controls and energizes the pancreas, liver, diaphragm and stomach. This chakra is also responsible for the quality of blood and to a certain extent for the health of your intestines, appendix, lungs and hearts. The chakra also contains the heating and cooling system of the body. The gastrointestinal system is also affected by the Manipura Chakra and the Navel Chakra.

7.  SPLEEN CHAKRA - The name is self-explanatory. The Spleen Chakra (both front and back) is responsible for the health of the spleen. The spleen purifies the blood and destroys worn out blood cells. The front and back Spleen Chakra are entry points of Air Prana. This Air Prana is distributed across the major chakras in human body from the Spleen Chakra. The Spleen Chakra is responsible for the overall well-being of a person. 

8. BASIC CHAKRA  -  The Basic Chakra or Mooladhara Chakra is also known as the ‘Root Chakra’ and is like the root of a tree. If the root is strong, the tree will also be strong and healthy. Thus, if the Mooladhara Chakra of a person is highly activated, the person will be robust and healthy. The Mooladhara Chakra is located at the base of the spine and controls and energizes the whole physical body. The muscular system, the skeletal system, the spine, the quality of blood, the adrenal glands and the internal organs are all strengthened and controlled by the Mooladhara Chakra.

9. MENG MEIN CHAKRA - The Meng Mein chakra acts as the ‘pumping station’ in the spine and facilitates the upward flow of Pranic Energy from the Basic Chakra. This chakra controls the blood pressure and energizes the kidneys and adrenaline glands. The Meng Mein chakra is ½ or 1/3rd the size of the other major chakras and controls and energizes the urinary system. This chakra should be treated only by experienced Pranic Healers.

10. NAVEL CHAKRA - This chakra is responsible for the energizing of the small intestine, large intestine and the appendix. A malfunctioning Navel Chakra will cause ailments and disorders such as constipation, difficulty in giving birth, appendicitis and problems in the intestines. An activated navel chakra ensures vitality of a person.

11. SEX CHAKRA - The Swadhishtana Chakra is located on the pubic area. The sexual organs and the bladder are all controlled and energized by the Swadhishtana Chakra. This chakra is strongly influenced by the Ajna Chakra, Vishuddhi Chakra and Mooladhara Chakra. A malfunctioning Swadhishtana Chakra will manifest as sex-related problems. To know more details about the structure, location, functions and significance of the 11 major chakras in human body which correspond to the anatomy of the energy body, do read our articles on the individual chakras.

Source : The Chakras and their Functions by Master Choa Kok Sui