EPISODE 08: Energy Tricks for Health Professionals

February 22nd, 2018  Hosted by Ellen Morano, with Guest Kim Fantini.

Health care professionals are in direct contact with their patients and can easily soak up their patients’ energetic condition which can lead to burning out or getting sick because a person’s aura absorbs the energy of the environment. To stay healthy and energized while frequently in the presence of illness, energy techniques can protect health care professionals, keep their immune systems strong, and keep them from feeling drained. Keeping a clean aura is very beneficial because health professionals may be unknowingly polluting their auras and weakening their immune systems.  The next step is illness or burn out. In today’s show, we will share the “Keys to Energetic Hygiene” so health care professionals and care givers can learn how to be fully engaged in patient care without getting drained or sick. At the same those who care for the ill can more reliably maintain a healthy physical and emotional body for a healthy and happy personal and professional life.

Kim Fantini - Licensed Massage Therapist

Kim Fantini - Licensed Massage Therapist


Thursday at 11AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Generate Massive Energy for a Fulfilling Life

Thursday at 11 AM Pacific 

Learn simple tools & techniques to achieve the basic ingredient on how to attract what you like in your life. I know a lot of people have learned affirmations to achieve their goal and sure enough, they get it but not everyone has that WILLPOWER to CONSISTENTLY maintain the energy to achieve it.

The basic ingredient is your ENERGY CONDITION! Understanding how to change the condition of various energy centers may affect all areas of your life. Once you learn how to apply these teachings, it can lead to a happy and prosperous life!

Hosted by Ellen Morano, plus a panel of guest experts including: Master Stephen Co, Karla Alvarez, Aiden Zea & Parents, Dr. Ted Leonido-John, Dr. Nancy Gabaldon, Dr. Nichole Perez and Sean Mulcahy.