EPISODE 11:   Spirituality & Pranic Healing

March 15, 2018  Hosted by Ellen Morano, with Special Guest Mr. Chandan Parameswara

Spirituality is a heart centered way of being that is much more than meditation. Spirituality is a way of life and pranic healing is a natural companion to living a spiritual life. Our guest is Chandan Parameswara, a nationally known certified pranic healer and licensed pranic healing teacher. He will discuss what spirituality is and how it translates into how we live our lives. He will look at the characteristics of a heart-centered spiritual life including attitude, character, the importance of service, and how these qualities create an inner environment conducive to healing. Once a spiritual connection with the Divine is in place, pranic healing uses these open channels for healing, maintaining good health, emotional stability and a strong immune system.


We are very excited that  our episode titled "Spirituality & Pranic Healing" will finally go on live this Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 11AM PST.

We are also very grateful to our special guest Mr. Chandan Parameswara  for squeezing us in into his very hectic schedule.

And to Mr. Bill Hencke, thank you so much for saving us with last week's episode...


Thursday at 11AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

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Thursday at 11 AM Pacific 

Learn simple tools & techniques to achieve the basic ingredient on how to attract what you like in your life. I know a lot of people have learned affirmations to achieve their goal and sure enough, they get it but not everyone has that WILLPOWER to CONSISTENTLY maintain the energy to achieve it.

The basic ingredient is your ENERGY CONDITION! Understanding how to change the condition of various energy centers may affect all areas of your life. Once you learn how to apply these teachings, it can lead to a happy and prosperous life!

Hosted by Ellen Morano, plus a panel of guest experts including: Master Stephen Co, Karla Alvarez, Aiden Zea & Parents, Dr. Ted Leonido-John, Dr. Nancy Gabaldon, Dr. Nichole Perez and Sean Mulcahy.