EPISODE 02: Pranic Healing Complements Aiden's Cancer Treatment

January 11th 2018  Hosted by Ellen Morano, with Aiden Zea & Parents-Jennifer and Isaac

In 2014 four-year-old Aiden was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  His two-year oncology plan included six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to resect the tumor, two bone marrow transplants, radiation, and immunotherapy. 

Because of the difference it made for their son, Aiden’s parents became strong proponents of combining  Eastern and Western medicine, and  the mom took a Pranic Healing Course so that she could participate in their son’s healing. The parents are convinced that pranic healing has helped Aiden with every step of this treatment.

Aiden’s Pranic Healer worked on him prior to a scheduled twelve hour surgery to remove the growth, but his surgery took only three and a half hours. Original diagnostic tests showed that his tumor had wrapped itself around his arteries. When Aiden’s surgeon spoke to the parents after the surgery, he reported that the tumor had encased itself in a shield, and all he had to do was remove the shield. 

Aiden's parents tell their story of their son's illness, his treatment and healing, and the joy of having him back.


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Hosted by Ellen Morano, plus a panel of guest experts including: Master Stephen Co, Karla Alvarez, Aiden Zea & Parents, Dr. Ted Leonido-John, Dr. Nancy Gabaldon, Dr. Nichole Perez and Sean Mulcahy.