Energetic Hygiene:

Energetic Hygiene means maintaining the cleanliness of our energetic body. Like brushing our teeth to avoid tooth decay, or taking a shower to disintegrate body odor and skin diseases, energetic hygiene should be practiced daily.

Our energetic body is considered the first line of defense against diseases, thatʼs why a clean aura and a well functioning chakras promotes good mental, emotional and physical health. A bright and strong energetic body is the best weapon against energetic contamination.

In Pranic Healing®, we practice different forms of energetic hygiene:

  1. Sweeping with White Light - Is one of the easiest way to decontaminate the energetic body. You donʼt need any extra gadget for this, just use your bare hands and imagine it is glowing with a glove of brilliant white light. You can then use this brilliant white light to gently “sweep” the dirty energy off. It is like using a towel to wipe off the dirt in the glass window, but instead of a towel, your using a glove of white light.

  2. Energetic Spray - Every Pranic Healersʼ must have. A 20ml spray bottle filled with 70% to 90% isopropyl alcohol mixed with 5 drops of either Lavander, Tea Tree or Sandalwood oil. Very useful during every healing sessions, spray both hands after doing 20 “sweeps” to avoid negative energy build up in the hands.

  3. Salt Scrub or Salt Bath - Use salt scrub method if bathing in a shower head or salt bath method if bathing in a bath tub. You can make your own salt scrub by mixing refined sea salt with lavender oil and your favorite body wash into a sticky paste. Scrub all over your body and let it stay for about 5 minutes before rinsing in the shower. If using the bath tub method, You can add 3lbs of rock sea salt and 10 to 15 drops of lavender oil into your tub. Submerge your body for 20 to 30 minutes only then rinse.

  4. Cord Cutting - When we are interacting with people emotionally, mentally or physically, an energetic cord is established between the two parties. These cords are where the energy exchanges passes thru. Just like you need to log out after using the internet or pressing the down button after talking on your cell phone, you need to cut these cord off so both parties can move on without tugging each others energy. You can do this just by simply using the glove of white light in your hand and form a strong intention to cut these cords off with one swift motion.

  5. Meditation on Twin Hearts - Is the fastest and safest way to flush negative energies out of our energy body. Develop by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, Meditation on Twin Hearts facilitates the drawing of huge amount of Loving and Divine Energy to pass thru all facets of our being by activating our Heart and Crown Chakras, then sharing this Loving and Divine energies to all beings in the act of Blessing. This cycle of giving and receiving makes us a channel of Loving and Divine energies. It is in this continous flow of Divine Energies that we are cleanse, hence that we are healed.