Ellen Morano is a gifted pranic healer and a beautiful, compassionate soul. I came to see Ellen for pranic healing in late September of 2015, after being released from the hospital with atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, and a weakened heart pumping at 30%. It became clear to me early on that the mind numbing and physically enervating prescriptions I was on may have kept me alive but were no way to live. Ellen’s treatment has played a large part in my recovery. By mid November my heart was out of afib and a January echo cardiogram revealed that my heart had resumed normal function. My cardiologist took me off of three of the six medications I was on, and with Ellen’s help, my mind and body are in harmony again. I cannot express enough gratitude for Ellen’s treatment. Money cannot buy the sacred gift she gives. I have my life back. I am living as a normal person when five months ago stepping up onto a curb was like climbing a mountain, and every thought was just as labored. Mind and body are one. Ellen knows that. The medical profession has not figured it out yet. My mind, body, soul, and spirit needed healing, and Ellen Morano put me back together, sometimes in her office and sometime through distance healing.
— Susan Pierce - Community College Professor


Ellen is an amazing healer! I was having intense pain in my lower abdomen area. I texted Ellen to do distant healing on me while I waited for my daughter to take me to the hospital. Within about 20 minutes I literally felt the pain disintegrate all at once. I later found out to be a kidney stone on a subsequent trip to the doctor. I am truly in awe of her healing power and I recommend her service as a supplement to traditional medical care to everyone. Thanks again Ellen.
— Scott Lebo - LAUSD Teacher



Three years ago my wife became ill with Multiple Myeloma Cancer. Today my wife is cancer free. The “M” spike which measures the potential for the return of this type of cancer is NON EXISTENT! I will always be grateful to Ellen for helping me through some of the worst days of my life. Her dedication, Sincerity, and wisdom have always impressed me. Ellen is an incredible mentor and healer. Today I am proud to say she is also a friend.
— Joseph Coffey - Businessman

I was in coma after I had a brain seizure when I had a surgery to remove a big thyroid lump. My sister called Ellen & on that same time she performed distant healing on me, it felt like I fell from high above, then I discharged a lot of wastes from my gut. The following day, I was back to normal, I can now even walk & talk.
— Elpie Cerdenola - Entrepreneur



In summer 2013, my husband had a mountain biking accident that ended up in a concussion and a subdural hematoma on the left side of his brain. He was experiencing headaches, and the doctors recommended surgery to remove the hematoma. Since doctors do this everyday brain surgery sounded like an every day procedure, but for us it was a bigger deal. After praying to God for guidance my dear friend from Dubai recommended Pranic Healing. I immediately searched for it online, and found the Pranic Healing Center in Chino, CA, they connected me with one of their local healers Ellen Morano. I don’t have words to explain the vocation Ellen has as a healer, her reception was incredible, she treated Francisco as if he was a family member, checking in every day with deep care and compassion for what we were going through. After 6 sessions, the hematoma had been reduced by 75%. It was a miracle to hear the neurosurgeon said no surgery needed. I cannot recommend enough Ellen Morano’s work and The Center for Pranic Healing in the U.S. Our life has change, we will always be immensely grateful to God, and the presence of Ellen in our life
— Andrea Bahamondes - Life Coach


Dear Ellen, Thank you so much for preventing the miscarriage of my daughter’s pregnancy. She was put on bed rest because of cramping and bleeding. Because of your healing she was able to carry the baby to term. When the baby was a week late, but fully developed, but my daughter was not going into labor you were able to send energy to start the labor which happened almost immediately. The baby was born quickly and easily (unlike my daughter’s first delivery). Today we have a beautiful, brilliant charming one year old baby girl. We will be forever thankfully in your debt. May God bless you.
— Eleanor Vilppu - Doting Grandma

Our 3 month old daughter would not sleep at night. We tried several conventional methods to help her fall asleep, but nothing worked consistently. Ellen Morano did healing sessions, & we noticed immediate improvement. She would fall asleep right after the healing, After several sessions our daughter is now sleeping through most of the night, & so are we.
— Antoinette Vasques Cardiel - Working Mom


Meeting and getting to know the wonderful spirit that is Ellen Morano has been life changing. I have been an actor for 20 years and have recently relocated from Dallas to Los Angeles. My career has been moving along with consistent work, but I was having trouble fully cracking into the Los Angeles market. I went to one of the Healing Clinics in Tarzana, and the effects of the healing were immediate. Within 24 hours, I had 2 auditions, one of which I was cast. Two days later, I got 3 more. And while I was shooting at the end of the week, I got 3 more. I also was cast in 2 more projects. Two days following the healing, I also attended a convention to promote one of the animated projects I had worked on, and I received more response and prosperity than I had in 4 years of doing conventions.

Following that healing and the amazing results, I felt I had been led to Ellen to experience Pranic Healing as a student. I have since taken 4 classes and I am amazed how much my world has been opened up. Pranic Healing has changed my life, and Ellen has been a constant support system, a wonderful teacher, and my guardian angel in LA. I am so thankful to have experienced her amazing power as a healer and her guidance as a teacher. I cannot sing her praises enough.

I have referred many skeptical friends who are actors, after they heard my story and they all had similar experiences that they could only link to their healings with Ellen. I have also introduced my family to Pranic Healing and thanks to Ellen- there will now be many generations of Pranic Healers in my family unit.

It is such a wonderful gift to have the tools to be able to help others with love through service and Ellen provides many opportunities through feedings for the less fortunate people of Los Angeles, and also FREE healing clinics all over Los Angeles- giving those of us healers an opportunity to practice and those who have yet to experience the opportunity to share in the benefits of Pranic Healing.

What I have learned from Ellen is that the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui are not just books and wisdom but a lifestyle of celebrating the spirit of humanity and the gifts we have all been given to bless this world. I am so thankful to have found Ellen to show me the way to such a beautiful process that has allowed me to let go of emotions, experiences and thought forms that have kept me from fully embracing my greatest gifts and allowing me the tools to share that with those I encounter on my journey through life.
— Cherami Leigh Kuehn - Hollywood Actress


Ellenji, thank you so much for the Pranic Healing treatments. They have not only vastly improved my physical health, but I have also had big cognitive shifts and understandings of many things. I’d recommend your services to anyone. GMCKS would be proud of your embodiment of the teachings
— DR. Eric Robins


I was blessed to meet Ellen in early 2010 when she healed some foot pain that I had had for over a year. None of the doctors I had seen could offer any suggestions on how to heal it - I even saw a surgeon, who thankfully (!), was honest enough to say he didn’t think surgery would help. When I saw Ellen, I was skeptical, but open, and I really, truly expected the foot to start hurting again each day for a month afterwards! It has been four years since the healing and the pain has never returned. I have since called Ellen for a variety of ailments that have popped up over the years - some physical, some very emotional, and each and every time, the healing is immediate and (so far!) permanent. I recommend her to all my friends!
— MM - Working Mom


After 1st Session:
”Here is one good news though. She actually set her foot down completely using the crutches and the motion brace on and walked baby steps at the Physical Therapy today. This is huge because tomorrow will only be a week. Her other ACL took weeks before she could even do that and her knee is still swollen. She is at 75 degrees now and almost can straighten her leg. The goal now until Monday’s next therapy is to straighten the leg as best possible so it doesn’t create any scar tissue so they assigned some exercises. I really think between the motion machine, the constant icing and your healing it is all going to move a lot faster.”
— Anonymous - San Diego


The client has been suffering depression due to a 30 year old Traumatic Experience which happened on a Family Gathering. Every time there’s a family gathering of same sort, he could be hysterical. They tried Pranic Healing for the upcoming Big Family Gathering. After 12 daily healing sessions using Pranic Psychotherapy Technique, there was no episode of depression nor anger. The client enjoyed the event as well as the Family had a great and successful time together!
— NG -



From years or trying to get pregnant, Heather finally gave birth to a healthy Daine. Pranic Healing has been applied since conception up until birthing.
— Heather Lawrence - Fitness Instructor

In 2014 four-year-old Aiden Zea was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. His two-year oncology plan included six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to resect the tumor, two bone marrow transplants, radiation, and immunotherapy. Each treatment came with significant side effects which further complicated his well being. To give him a better chance, Aiden’s parents decided to consult with a Pranic Healer to complement Aiden’s traditional treatment. Pranic healing helped Aiden deal with his disease, the side effects of his vigorous treatment and follow-up testing. From tumor shrinkage, to fevers, to side effects of hearing loss and thyroid issues, his Pranic Healer walked Aiden through the entire process and eased his suffering.

Today Aiden is cancer free.
— Isaac & Jennifer Zea - Parents